Moe Ibrahim

Moe Ibrahim


Moe Ibrahim, a Singapore-based professional who found his entrepreneurial calling in the hospitality industry, has always been a travel enthusiast. At the age of just 23, Moe traveled from New York City to Singapore to establish an Asian distressed debt group on behalf of the financial advisory and asset management firm in which he worked. Intrigued by the economic opportunities and impressed by the vibrant culture and constant activity of the area, Moe decided to make Singapore his home. He has lived there ever since — but traveling continues to be a huge part of his daily life.

Moe Ibrahim’s Travels

Moe regularly travels to accommodate his career and to simply explore the areas in which he works and lives. He regularly visits Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian areas. While he mostly travels for work, Moe makes it a point to soak in the culture and get to know the community of wherever he goes. It helps him not only expand his global perspective of business, but to more fully understand the locales and thus help visitors make the most of their trips.

Professional Life

Moe Ibrahim is a highly successful entrepreneur whose background in finance helped lead him to the hospitality industry. His career began on the trade floors of Wall Street where he worked fixing computers until he joined an international financial advisory and asset management firm. It was here that he began focusing on distressed debt, a career choice which would soon lead him to Singapore to become an “intrepreneur” — someone who works within a large corporation to bring new ideas into profitable fruition.

Eventually, Moe left the corporation to found his own hedge fund which he grew to nearly half a billion dollars in assets, earning him recognition as one of the top hedge fund managers in the world. Following this success, Moe Ibrahim chose to pursue a career in his true passion: hospitality. This is when Moe decided to found his travel tech startup, Journeyful.

Moe Ibrahim & Journeyful

Moe Ibrahim is all about making traveling more convenient; his own experiences in travel inspired him to found Journeyful, a rewards-based online travel agency startup which he ran until 2016. It offers travelers the option of over 200,000 hotels across the globe at the best price possible and allows for quick and easy booking right in the palm of their hand. You can also earn rewards dollars by booking hotels and getting friends to book hotels as well, offering incentives for frequent travel.

In 2015, Journeyful released an app on iOS and Android that functions as an extension of the website, allowing travelers to better manage their plans on the go.  Keep up with this blog for tips on traveling with ease and comfort without sacrificing your wallet.