10 Trending Travel Destinations for 2018

Every so often, it’s invigorating to break out of your routine, shake up your worldview, and see someplace new. Whether its South America, Europe or Asia, find somewhere that entices you and take a break from your stressful life to find time to visit. Need help finding somewhere to start? Check out these 10 global destinations that you should visit.

  1. Oslo is the Capital of Norway which is probably the most underrated European country. There are many winter sports that you will have memories trying out. There are also iconic places you could visit like the viking ship museum and the Akershus fortress.
  1.  The architecture of Guanajuato, Mexico is some of the most beautiful you will ever see. There are some cool places to visit, such as the art & History museum, and Art by Diego Rivera in his house.
  1. San Juan in Puerto Rico is one of the most artistic places a person can visit. There is a great art scene, nightlife and art galleries. Unfortunately they are recovering right now due to the damage of Hurricane Maria.
  1. Matera, Italy is one of the places you won’t hear everyone talking about. The city is very old, so you can expect to see a lot of churches, monasteries and caves. Like any other place, it has nice restaurants and hotels but you really need to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  1. Antwerp, Belgium has some unique art as well as Gothic architecture. The city is famous for its most popular artist, Peter Paul Rubens. Some cool places to visit are the Rubenshuis museum and the Antwerp zoo.
  1. Kaohsiung, Taiwan has many things that make a great Taiwan experience. You have the Liuthe Night market that you can buy special things from. You will be exposed to a lot of culture that you haven’t seen before. Some places that you need to visit are the Love River, the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, and the Fo Guan Shan Buddha system.
  1. Hamburg, Germany might have the most unique concert hall in all of Europe. The city has a lot of history so you’ll learn a lot when you visit the museums. Some special places to visit are Speicherstadt, Heide park and the Minitar Wunderland.
  1. Australia in general is beautiful for having a range of environments from deserts to urban area. Canberra, Australia is going to host a cricket match between two big teems. The city also has tons of landmarks, galleries and nice landmarks for you to try.
  1. Detroit, Michigan has gone through a lot in the last couple of decades. However they have a great sports culture that involves Hockey, Basketball, Football and Baseball. The Renaissance center and the Detroit Institute of arts are places you should visit.
  1. Seville, Spain is celebrated because of its unique architecture and paintings. If you’re a film junkie, they will be host the 31st European Film Awards in 2018. If you miss that, just know that there are places such as, Alcazar of Seville, Giralda and Seville Cathedral.