10 Trends Shaping Travel Marketing Today

Most people travel for leisure and spirit of adventure. Places that people decide to visit are affected by what they see, hear and their expectations. In today’s world, travel marketing strategies influence and stimulate the thoughts of potential tourist in taking a particular voyage. Here are ten trends that shape travel marketing today.


Most travel agencies have Instagram pages where they post snaps from all over the world. These pictures draw a lot of attention to their pages and attract potential tourists.

Online video

Travelers get influenced on which destination to visit and the travel company to use from what they can see. Using online videos gives the perfect platform to present the services offered and the experience to expect from the journey.

Curated, personalized trips

A curated, personalized tour is a trend where agencies provide travel planners to wealthy individuals. These will save them from the stresses of airline booking and looking for the best hotels or apartments in their preferred destination. The services are tailored for specific individuals according to their needs.

Homes away from home

There is a new concept called “Zoku” which is a Japanese word meaning family. Tour companies offer travelers comforts of being at home while on vacation.

Authentically local feel

Hotels attract tourists by blending with their surroundings. They promote the artist in the region by hanging their works in hotel rooms and serve local delicacies in their restaurants.

‘Bleisure’: business plus leisure

This trend favors individuals travelling for business but also need to stay in a hotel that offers more than just a bed after a long day.

More intimate connection

Travelers want to amerce in the culture and interact with the people of the region. They take part in activities which enable them to share and dine with the locals.


Openness is a trend that promotes tourist to experience different cultures and becoming more tolerant. It helps in creating friendship and understanding people from other nations and races.


Chatbots eliminate the use of agents in answering fundamental travel questions and booking process. Travel companies use them as they can serve a lot of individuals at the same time.


Many people travel so that they can get away from their daily lives. Travel companies offer vacation spots where you will be out of reach for the rest of the world. They provide digital detox vacation spots for tourists.