How To Save Money on Airline Baggage Fees

Leading online travel agency, Jumia Travel, has shared ways for travelers to save money on baggage fees as the fees can add up quickly.

Jumia Travel drew attention to making some widespread tips and tricks available as searching out the best flight deals may become more complex as baggage fees get higher.

Topping the recommendations for travelers, Jumia pointed out initially travelers should educate themselves to all relevant fees an airline charges for baggage so they are able to avoid unreasonable baggage fees.

The agency advises this be accomplished prior to booking the flight as different airlines compel a number of prices for dissimilar baggage. By making the most of this advice, the traveler will have the capability to decide on the airline with the most reasonably priced baggage fee.

Another resourceful means of keeping away from baggage fees would be to carry on as much as possible and not check-in any bags. Most airlines agree to passengers carrying on one free bag and one free personal item. For example, by filling a backpack to overflowing you can make the most of this option, as long as it fits under the seat ahead of you.

Travelers should be aware that airlines have weight and size limits on carry on items and this should be included in their decision making. Travelers should also be sure to equally spread out the weight throughout their luggage.

Another measure Jumia recommends be considered would be paying baggage fees in advance as some airlines offer a discount on luggage if the bags are paid for before arrival at the airport.

Jumia also disclosed travelers should educate themselves about packing lightly as airlines charge extra for bags that go above certain weights or dimensions. And should the luggage turn out to be too expensive, alternative shipping methods might be considered as there are a number of services that will ship your baggage to your journey’s end.

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